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hey fatty…

This is how I wake myself up: 


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We go to the wedding today. I wear 2 different outfits: one to the ceremony and one to the reception. I don’t eat all day so that I might look vaguely acceptable (to myself or perhaps some passers by). My boyfriend doesn’t look at me, or notice me, or comment on my apprearance. Given the horrible things he said a few days ago when I was trying on dresses for this event, maybe it is a blessing – you know the kind they say come in “disguise”.

I starve and I primp and I preen. I paint my face and curl my eyelashes and spritz and tease and my legs are tanned and my collar bones are glittered. I brush and comb and fuss and tuck and pin and change and inspect and criticize and adjust and ruefully accept the outcome. We arrive at the ceremony and he says a blanket “you guys looks snazzy” to all 3 of us. Snazzy…the epitomy of compliments. The truth is he only has eyes for his daughter. When she is around, his son and I cease to exist.  I get compliments from his friends at the wedding. Complete strangers talk to me in the washroom telling me they like my dress or hair. One woman hugs me and uses the word “gorgeous”. My boyfriend barely acknowledges me. He is disconnected, preoccupied and I am just the maid who had fed and cleaned and dressed and delivered his children to him while he has been drinking with his friends. 

He takes his daughter “for a walk” which is code for calling her mother. I sit at a table for ten fat, repulsive and alone, staring  into my appetizer, looking for love. After the briefest pretense I walk away from the table and in my high heels and lace and pearls and curls, I toss back up the disappointment. There is not enough wine to soothe my discontented soul. 

His daughter is sick and whiny. She takes up all our attention. There is no time for “us”. There is no hand holding. There is no smiling into each other’s eyes. There is no dancing at this wedding. I hold her and she fidgets, unhappy. He holds her. She cries for cupcakes. No matter what we do, she is fractious. We are home by 10:09pm on a Saturday night. I wanted to slow dance in his arms and dream of our wedding which we both know (but won’t acknowledge) will never happen. The kind of things you do when you are only 9 months into a relationship. I wanted the overflow of love and happiness from this union to flood out hearts. But there are children to take care of  and his stomach is upset by the Indian food (which I hear about in graphic, unromantic detail), so we go home. I pour myself wine in the kitchen, take out the flower from my hair while my boyfriend puts his daughter to bed. His woefully neglected son comes to me in the kitchen and tells me that he feels like we don’t love him. I wrap my arms around him knowing exactly what that feels like and hating myself for not being able to stop him from feeling it too. 

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After my doctor accidentally told me how much I weigh today…

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Conversations With Co-Workers (again…)

Conversations With Co-Workers (again...)

“You’re not bulimic anymore so it doesn’t matter.”

Thanks for the memo. I wish I had got it last night before I puked up dinner.

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Conversations With Co-Workers (Part Deux)

Conversations With Co-Workers (Part Deux)

I know, I know… I should stop talking to my co-workers. I should especially stop talking to my co-workers about anything related to ED, weight or food. Here is a snippet of today’s winning conversation:

“We don’t want to look like those dancers at New York City Ballet; all chest bones and ribs,” says the girl who shares my office.*
“I do,” I reply candidly, feeling for mine which are no longer visible. “I love chest bones.”
“No. You have to own your body,” she challenges me. “You know, like Queen Latifah. Everybody loves her and she is all curves.”
Umm, thanks. You just compared me to an obese woman and told me to own it.

*This is the same co-worker who is responsible for her “F**k The Fat” statement. We spend an absurd amount of time discussing our bodies, calories and wine consumption. I know she means well, but she always seems to miss the mark. Skinny b**ch.

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Ummm……my ED begs to differ.

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