Back Again!

I never meant to not write for seven months. Seven months…it sounds so much longer than it has been. I had so much to say, too much really, and in the end I couldn’t find the words so I stayed silent. It is hard to chronicle a pregnancy with an eating disorder. I wanted to, but I will have to write about it in hindsight instead.

My daughter is here. We are both well. That is all I wanted to say for now.

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12 thoughts on “Back Again!

  1. Grainne says:

    Hi!!! SO happy to see you here again. I think of you all the time and wonder how things are going. Congratulations on your new little girl! Motherhood is an amazing experience – both the good and the bad. xoxox

    Much love from me!

  2. keedaa says:

    Congratulations! May God bless and protect you both!

  3. twirlybunny says:

    Congratulations xxxx

  4. Enamorana says:

    Welcome back! I hope your daughter is well and healthy. Best wishes always!

  5. thehumanhurricane says:

    Congratulations. We missed you xx

  6. anadancer says:

    Huge congratulations! I hope you and your new little girl continue doing well xxx

  7. Nataly says:

    Welcome back. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. xoxoxo.

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