After a day of restricting and over exercising, I came home and cut up vegetables for dinner: half a cauliflower, a cucumber and some cherry tomatoes.

An hour later I mentioned to my boyfriend that I was still hungry.

“But you ate an obscene amount of vegetables for dinner,”He told me.

Obscene. Not “a lot” of vegetables or a “huge amount”. Obscene – like it was offensive or appalling, because it isn’t already hard enough to eat when you have an eating disorder.

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7 thoughts on “Obscenity

  1. Enamorana says:

    I am sure it is just a figure of speech. Yes, he should not talk like that to you knowing your situation, but don’t take it so literal, it does you no good.

  2. Grainne says:

    Hello Beauty – I’ve been missing you…hoping you are okay. Men can say the stupidest things (hugs you). That was a tiny meal….and it was good for your body. He was talking without thinking…what a thing to say. đŸ˜¦

  3. keedaa says:

    Why are boys so damn dumb so much of the time?

  4. Oh God, I could not relate more. I hope you’re okay. Sending thoughts your way.

  5. Just a figure of speech =( Most people don’t simply eat vegetables for dinner. Love and hugs!

  6. grace says:

    Vegetables confuse most men… (kind of like tampons)

  7. rainingviolets says:

    He is the person who should be the most sensitive to your feelings in any matter relating to food. He is the person closest to you…the one who should be helping you in any way possible, including carefully choosing any words he uses regarding food. Those of us who struggle with eating disorders already fight a battle of being “selective listeners.” I once wrote a poem about how the innocent comments people make to us get twisted and tangled in our heads ~ disordered eating leads to disordered thinking. In the poem I discussed how when a doctor tells us we’re looking better, we interpret that as meaning we’re looking fatter. Or if a boyfriend or husband tells us we look great, we think he means we look fat. My husband has learned to never make a careless comment about what I eat, how much I eat, or how I look. Your boyfriend should already know that using that kind of language around you is hurtful and inappropriate. If he doesn’t know, then there is absolutely nothing wrong in practicing self care and speaking up.

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