I only feel good when I am drinking or eating. I have been drinking excessively every night since I left home a month ago. I have been restriciting a bit, bingeing a bit, purging a bit. I have finally gone back to gym to try get off some of the weight I have gained. I eat at work to ease my anxiety, I rush home to find a bottle of wine or rum or gin and to cry myself to sleep. I know I am depressed. I only want to eat until I feel nothing, to drink until I pass out.

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  1. Oh yes I know that!!! And those were my alcohol choices too!! Gin was the best because less to get there faster. I love that feeling where you are head high and you feel like you are floating… Not part of this world. A total escape. I’ve been craving it a lot lately.

  2. velyoung01 says:

    Hey sister, I hear your pain! It’s a terrible cycle to be in. Check out my blog sometime https://velvetyoung.wordpress.com/ ~ ❤

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