Reality – 1, Expectations – 0

We were supposed to leave tonight for the long weekend. I had us booked into a log cabin in a more remote part of the mountains, far enough away to be secluded. It is perfect weather to be snuggled up in a wood chalet with a fire and a bottle of wine. I had longed for it, imagined it, anticipated it and planned it – down to the menu for the weekend. I had even fantasized that my boyfriend would take advantage of our first romantic getaway, and our last time together before I leave for 5 weeks, to propose to me.

Instead, my boyfriend is out drinking somewhere and I am home in my pajamas: bingeing, drinking, barfing and bathing. The bitter disappointment was too hard to swallow

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9 thoughts on “Reality – 1, Expectations – 0

  1. :/ that sound tough… Feel hugged ❤

  2. edstarver says:

    Thank you for your post! This resonated with me on so many levels – I had to “Press This” and blog about it. It’s been a morning of thought – a great way to start my weekend!
    Take care of yourself!

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  4. Grainne says:

    I wish I could come drink with you. I’m so sorry. Xo

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