Girl Code (And More Dumb S**t People Say To Me)

Everyone knows that you never ask a woman if she is pregnant. Girls especially know that this is a code you don’t break no matter how obvious it is.

Today a colleague at ballet asked me if I was pregnant while patting my stomach. She actually thought it was acceptable to pat my belly and ask if I was expecting a baby. I looked at her in horror. I told her that was a terrible thing to ask someone.

“Why?” she seemed surprised that I was upset.

“Do I look pregnant?” I responded.

***This is the worst part. Brace yourselves***

“I don’t know,” she answered.

I. Don’t. Know.

Well I am obviously fat enough that she thinks I’m pregnant. The sad thing about that is I have actually lost weight lately. That there was all the encouragement I need to keep purging, exercising and restricting.

The tragedy of the whole day was when I relayed the incident to a friend and they said to me, “well if she knew your situation, she wouldn’t ask.” Meaning that my boyfriend has already had 2 accidental children with 2 different woman and our lives are negatively impacted by it every, single day. Said friend then said this: “It’s not like you want to be the third woman to have his child.”

No, I do not.

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4 thoughts on “Girl Code (And More Dumb S**t People Say To Me)

  1. Grainne says:

    She must have been trying to mess with your head..? How awful to hear. A coworker did the same to me once but I had just gained a bunch of weight. And she didn’t see me regularly. I think I threw out the outfit I wore that day. Xox

    • Yes I can’t say I will be wearing that outfit again anytime soon! If I had gained weight I could understand, but I have actually lost (shocking I know)…I think people should know better! Thanks for commenting xx

  2. littlevoicetalks says:

    Once again, I reiterate – if people feel the need to be so personal maybe it’s time for a put down (hardly zen but I get extremely pissed at people thinking they can do the same to me).
    1. ‘Say what wing-nut? (ears)
    2. ‘No I’m not pregnant honky-conk.’ (nose)
    3. ‘I’m on a diet and I’ve lost weight, what can you do about your halitosis?’ (breath)
    4. ‘No I’m not pregnant but I’d rather you say it and not spray it (the effect a wiping motion off of your sleeve)
    5. ‘No, not me, are you aware of the bogie hanging from you nose, I recommend you wipe.’
    6. ‘Pregnant, no, just the way I walk. How are those piles?’
    7. ‘Has anyone ever told you you look like Miss Piggy?’
    8. ‘No, I’m not pregnant, I wouldn’t want to steal your thunder.’ (return pat to their stomach)

    Really. What does it say about them? What is their motive to want to do and say something so wildly inappropriate and button-pushing?

    I think if your were happy in your skin, it would slide. I’m not happy in mine either and these comments stab right to the very heart of me and I wish people really would just exercise a little bit of ‘how would I feel to be on the receiving end.’


    • hahaha I really loved this comment! I often think how liberating it would be to say what we are feeling. I also know that sometimes I want to be rude or hurt back, but in the end it won’t change them. I think people never actually stop to think what it would be like to be on the receiving end of any of this. Thanks for the smiles today xx

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