I Am The Girl Your Mother Warned You About

“let me be stone.
Glass heart.
Hollowed out body.
Let me be the monster I wish to be.”

Thought Catalog


I am the girl your mother warned you about.
The mythical siren,
with lovesick sailors at my feet.
Shipwrecked from one look.
You think there is an olive branch in my eyes,
but I am not one to surrender.
Wave your flags and admit your own defeat.

I will break them before they ever have a chance to break me.

I am the girl who promises the whole world.
I weave tales of grand adventure,
but leave you at the county line.
Call me the one who got away because I’m always running.
And will never turn around to see if you’re chasing.
I wait for nothing,
let them all wait for me.

I am cold and calculating.
I wear a crown of broken hearts in my hair,
And keep a list of future prospects under my bed.
I feel nothing at all.
I swallow your confessions for dessert

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