Ignorance Is Deadly


“You look like you’ve lost weight,” my doctor says. “Did you go to the weight loss program I referred you too?”

“No. I went on a starvation diet. I’ve stopped eating again.”

“A starvation diet?” Her eyes are wide; her eyebrows raised. “Do you have enough energy?”

“No, I have none.”

“Oh…” Silence. Awkward, uncomfortable silence. “I will be right back with your prescription. Anything else I can do for you?”

“No. I’m fine.”

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11 thoughts on “Ignorance Is Deadly

  1. I’m so blessed to have a doctor who is not only really good, but understands eating disorders.
    Can you not switch doctors?

  2. leahb81 says:

    I remember after battling bulimia for years I went out to dinner and my step dad said ” let’s talk about the elephant in the room Leah. You’ve gotten fat!!”. I was so crushed because I finally had gotten better in my mind so I went right back to old habits and lost 30 lbs and was super unhealthy. Now I’m the opposite I’m super fat :/ stupid people suck

  3. dontsayes says:

    Leave it to medical professionals to say ignorant things.

  4. heartlectics says:

    Report this one and find a new one!!!

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