Day 11


“Wasn’t lunch almost five hours ago?” he asks as we sit watching his sons sports match.

“Who cares,” I respond, tanning myself and admiring my blubber in full sun light. It is mesmerizing in a disturbing way.

“I just thought we could get some dinner on the way home. Don’t you need to eat again?”

I look away and sigh, “Please don’t interrogate me about food. I just want to be left alone with my weird eating habits.”

I actually said it. I told him I don’t want to be asked what I ate, when I ate, how much I ate or if I need to eat again.

“But it’s my job to take care of you,” he says sadly. I cannot even look at him. “I just want to take care of you.”

I don’t ask him if he wants to babysit my demons while I go and binge eat pizza.

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3 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. Oh, the hardest thing: when somebody wants to “take care” of your eating. And it doesn’t work, because it has to be you. But I really, really hope that you can let him support you while you tackle it

  2. My ex (with whom I am still friends) told me the other day that I “probably need to eat some solid food” after complaining that I’ve been living off of fruit smoothies. I told him they were solid before I put them in the blender.
    The great thing about not being in a relationship anymore is that we don’t see each other that often, so it’s easy to send a reply in the positive when he asks if I’m eating.

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