Eating Disorders Aren’t About Food

Eating Disorders Aren't About Food

“Emotionally dysfunctional family patterns also play a role in manifesting the symptoms of eating disorders: families who do not share their feelings or resolve their conflicts in healthy ways; perfectionist families who stress appearance and status; food-focused families who use food for reward or punishment, or who obsessively count calories and fat. All have the potential for creating negative feelings that can predispose their members to unhealthy eating patterns.”

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4 thoughts on “Eating Disorders Aren’t About Food

  1. Reblogged this on faithfoodfear and commented:
    Like spot on!

  2. Silently Healing says:

    for me my eating disorder was definitely bout weightloss, but I think along with a very dysfunctional family, who has always encouraged unhealthy weight loss (as well as most of them being overweight with awful habits) things were made worse.

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