Blood Tests and Referrals

Blood Tests and Referrals

I call to make an appointment for a ridiculously long list of blood tests that my doctor has ordered.
“You have to fast for 12 hours and I don’t have an appointment before 1pm. How are you with fasting?”
I laugh. Fasting is not a problem. Not drinking coffee all day to help me “fast” is.
All day I feel unwell. Another bulimia hangover. I am exhausted and shaky.
“Are you sick again,” a co-worker asks.
As soon as the tests are over I get a large coffee and wander back to ballet through the rain. It takes a nap to revive me. I know I have to stop bingeing and purging every night, but the cycle is too hard to break.

Next week I have a physical with my doctor and I will get the results of my blood tests. She tested me for celiac disease which I am not thrilled about. One of my friends (who is a former bulimic) just got diagnosed with it. I can’t help but wonder if we cause these things after all the years of abuse?

I also have a referral to an outpatient ED treatment program that I need my doctor to sign. I am still in two minds about whether I go down that road or not. I would rather not.

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10 thoughts on “Blood Tests and Referrals

  1. I vote go down that road.

    I was tested for Celiac’s but don’t have it. However, the doctor did determine gluten triggers migraines. However, my bulimic brain finds it really hard to stay away from gluten altogether. So yeah, I cause my own migraines.

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