Sick Again

Sick Again

I get a sore throat – again. I keep purging and end up with a throat infection. I keep purging and end up with a chest infection and a horrible cough. My body struggles to recover. Three weeks later I am still unwell. I cannot shake it. I haven’t been to the gym. I have been too weak and exhausted.

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12 thoughts on “Sick Again

  1. Well that’s why you aren’t working out. You’re sick! Go easy on yourself and listen to your body so that you can heal. I am calling you graceful ballerina from now on!

  2. ❤
    I know it's hard and goes against everything your brain tells you, but please try to take care of yourself so your body can heal.

  3. heartlectics says:

    I know this sounds terrible… But do you wash your hands/implement with soap and dry before sticking them down your throat? :0

  4. Yes, this time should be for guiltless rest! Hope you get better soon! >:

  5. Raymond says:

    Have a sore throat? try to gargle a glass of water + 1 teaspoonful of salt as often as possible usually like per hour. Have a horrible cough? try to boil ginger + raw red onion + lemongrass + basil + brown sugar and drink it warm. Hopefully it helps.

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