Day In, Day Out

Day In, Day Out

Oversleep. Another bulimia hang over. No energy to crawl out of bed, again.
Hit snooze, miss the gym, wake up and hate myself.
I am fat.
Coffee and thyroid medication.
Protein shake.
More coffee.
Lunch: celery and hummus or cottage cheese and rice cakes or anything else that makes me want to never eat again.
Coffee time.
Dinner: Binge, purge, repeat.
Stay up too late.
Go to sleep and tell myself that tomorrow I will get up and go to the gym. Tomorrow I will be “healthy”.
I close my eyes. Tomorrow never comes.

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14 thoughts on “Day In, Day Out

  1. Except for the purge part our days matched. I also have no energy to work out. I say maybe Wednesday! Must be something negative in the air?!

  2. I actually wish I had a job right now because my day is:
    Wake up, eventually (if I slept at all)
    Binge, purge, laxatives and diet pills, repeat all day
    Exercise for 2-3 hours
    Go to bed
    Sleep, or maybe don’t

  3. drinkteaa says:

    I know how you feel ugh. It’s this horrible cycle of “tomorrow will be better.” Try to convince yourself you really don’t need anymore food when you are truly not hungry anymore. Get yourself out of a situation where you are surrounded by food, go outside or do anything so that you aren’t bored!

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