Bulimia and Tooth Decay

Bulimia and Tooth Decay

I am back at the dentist for my fourth filling this year. The enamel on my teeth is thin, worn away from years of purging. Long ago when I first became bulimic, I heard all the horror stories:
“Your teeth will rot.””
“Your hair will fall out.”
“Your bones will become brittle.”

I didn’t care then and although I care now, I do not stop.

“You might need a root canal,” the dentist tells me. It has nothing to do with not brushing my teeth or flossing or taking care of them. It is simply from too much vomiting. My stomach acid has worn away my enamel.

My hair is thin and brittle as are my bones. I have seen my foot surgeon this year and have had countless fractures. I have already had surgery and am waiting on another one. My bones will not heal.

I am 31 years old. My body is decaying too fast.

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8 thoughts on “Bulimia and Tooth Decay

  1. =(

    I am so scared to see the dentist. I keep meaning to schedule an appointment, but I keep putting it off. I also found out last week that I have osteoarthritis from this stupid eating disorder. I always thought “It won’t happen to me.”

  2. I think most every tooth I have is a crown. Think of it like this…dentist says “you need a crown” me “I know right!”

  3. RecoveryBound says:

    I am worried about my teeth… I am noticing color change and they are more sensitive

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