Buffets and Bulimics

Buffets and Bulimics

Take it from me: never invite a bulimic to a buffet dinner. It is like feeding time at the zoo. My friends took me out for dinner tonight and I was an animal.

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4 thoughts on “Buffets and Bulimics

  1. I’ve always found it really interesting how some people can binge and purge in public. I definitely can’t. My binge/purge sessions are too ritualised, I can’t eat anything I don’t know the calorie content of, I’m not a graceful purger (if there is a way to puke gracefully) and I’d worry too much about people realising. I’ve often wished I could because it could save me a lot of money but it’s probably for the best…
    Are your friends aware of your ED?

  2. Tiffanyla27 says:

    I know what you mean! I go to buffets alone :/ I hate when the workers all look at me, some even ask how I
    Eat so much :/ I hate when they stare too!!! I wanna be like hey, trying to binge here, please stop staring in amazement on how I eat!! Lol after about an hour or so at a buffet I have to force myself to leave!! :/ I can’t go out with anyone because they know of ed and don’t really approve lol I sometimes wish I knew someone with an ed who would go with me lol but them I would it want them to do it because I know it’s bad for them (and me) 😉

  3. I don’t go to buffets, but my bulimic side has long wanted to just like spend a day in one.

  4. I agree, I can’t b/p in public either. But the self serve soft serve ice cream gets me eating too much at the end.

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