The Birth Control Debate

The Birth Control Debate

I have decided to go off the birth control pill for several reasons:

1. I don’t need to take it to prevent getting pregnant, but I have been on it for years and never really questioned what it is doing to my body. (I am that dumb sometimes.)
2. I have been researching the effects of birth control on thyroid/adrenal and other hormone imbalances. I have hypothyroid and all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. Most of the articles I have read say that it is impossible to restore hormone balance while pumping your body full of synthetic hormones. This makes sense even when I am being dumb.
3a. There is a direct link between birth control and increased cellulite/weight gain which can be due to water retention. A lot of women report increased appetite and fat accumulation from taking the pill. In the last few years, cellulite has taken over my body. It is on my arms and calves instead of just at the top of my thighs where it always stayed.
3b. There are some studies that show that taking birth control is linked to a lack of muscle tone. Considering that I have very poor muscle tone with all that working out is disheartening.
4. Synthetic hormones in my body are not necessary. I do my best to eat clean even with ED. Why am I putting these pills into my body?

And my favourite reason…#5. Decrease migraines.

At the moment I see no benefit to continuing it and potentially many benefits if I stop taking it. I am willing to give it a try and see what happens.

There are side effects to experience when you stop taking the pill. I am most worried about acne and hair loss, but I hope after a few months this will normalize. I have never suffered from heavy periods or the other symptoms that go with them. I am perpetually moody, so I do not anticipate mood swings being a problem! I will try and report back in a few months if there is a noticeable difference in any of the areas I referenced above.

Let me know your thoughts about birth control. I am interested to hear others’ experiences with this.

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5 thoughts on “The Birth Control Debate

  1. My goal is to one day stop taking it so I can have periods without it. I don’t like putting fake stuff in my body too. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

  2. xonthis says:

    There are other bc options. I’m a big fan of the shot, Depo Provera. I don’t really have any side effects.

  3. Mel says:

    There are “non hormonal” IUDs… I am still considering those because one has copper which supposedly “doesn’t have any hormones”…. but further reading will reveal that copper influences hormone levels.

    Maybe one day men will just take the birth control and save us from the wear and tear on our own bodies! 😀 I hope you’re adjusting okay without it!!!

  4. I hope to someday be able to stop taking birth control pills. I take them because I have to.

  5. I started them in the fall but stopped at Christmas. I struggle with adrenal fatigue as well. I stopped them “in case” It was the cause of my weight gain- it sounds shallow but I had increased Effexor (trying to ease off of it) + introduced birth control which caused very notable weight gain. :-(. I had introduced it to encourage periods ( it worked but when I don’t take it I don’t get them). Because I have always known that I want to adopt and haven’t ever had regular or present periods, not getting a period has never bothered me. Are you (or anyone posting) taking effexor? I have been on it for years and lately it has caused more stress than not being on it.

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