Gym Obsession

Gym Obsession

If this is true, then my fat cries a lot but evidently it is not upset enough to move out.

Gym is my latest obsession. I am worshiping at the alter of thin – again. In pursuit of (skinny) perfection, I track my calories as penance and confess their consumption to anyone who will listen, in the hopes that I will be absolved. I still pay for my sins. The only good thing is that I seem to be bingeing and purging less. But this is still ED in it’s many forms. I cannot deny the truth. It is gospel and I am a believer.

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3 thoughts on “Gym Obsession

  1. I am exactly here in recovery too 😦 I like how it controls b/p but I hate how I can feel like I am going back into a bad pattern. Do you do free weights at the gym?

  2. Since I found out my admissions date for teh treatment program I’m starting on Monday, I’ve gone from 2 (purged) meals a day to one (purged) meal a day. I don’t have a gym nearby, sadly, so I’ve been trying to walk and use my elliptical and my weights. Unfortunately, my fibromyalgia doesn’t agree with the notion of exercise.

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