I Got So Fat I Took A Pregnancy Test

I Got So Fat  I Took A Pregnancy Test

True story.

Now, I am not the psycho that wishes I was pregnant (especially as I am beginning to doubt the validity of this relationship), but I have been so shocked at how much weight I have gained recently that I thought there must honestly be another reason. I looked at myself in the mirror and had a sinking feeling that something else was going on other than “recovery”.

Apparently, not. I am really, sadly, just this fat.

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2 thoughts on “I Got So Fat I Took A Pregnancy Test

  1. Mel says:

    I cannot tell you how many times I have panicked about weight gain and then immediately resulted in buying pregnancy tests, convinced that nothing else could have caused the sudden gain. In response to this post and the cleanse post, there are things that cause weight gain that you would never suspect! I tried a round of birth control recently (I will never go on the pill again), and LITERALLY, in one and a half weeks, I gained eight pounds, and my thighs and ass ballooned up (and not in a good way). Most disturbing were my thighs, which before had been for the most part toned, but now were lumpy and flabby and jiggly. Since stopping it a week ago, the weight is starting to come off and my legs are starting to look normal again. It was probably all water retention (which a surprising number of medications can cause), but it sure looked like fat in the mirror.


    • M,

      Thanks for the confirmation that I am not as ridiculously crazy as I think I am! I guess I forget that years of always starving and puking means that eating “normally” is going to make me balloon. So frustrating. So sad that it is this hard to be healthy. I appreciate the solidarity.


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