Recovery Record App

Recovery Record App

I started using this app on my phone as a part of my recovery rather than apps that count calories for the purpose of dieting as these were very triggering. I recommend trying it out. It logs feelings, thoughts, moods and energy levels. You can also log when you restrict, binge or purge and keep track of that too.

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9 thoughts on “Recovery Record App

  1. Pen says:

    Oh wow. Thank you muchly for sharing this. I had been trying to do some sort of log on my own to try and track myself, but it just was so unorganized and a disaster.

    Do you mind if I reblog?

    • Please reblog! I have been enjoying exploring this app. It is a good log without the guilt of calories etc.

      • Pen says:

        I just downloaded it. Shall start playing with it this evening. Any tips?

      • Yes, for sure go into settings and go to “customize log questions”. This will enable you to pick what questions appear in each food log in regards to thoughts/moods/feelings/energy levels.
        Also run the set up wizard which will ask you questions to help personalize your app.
        There are loads of features to play with. Some of them don’t really do it for me like the rewards etc but you can set goals with reminders which I really like. My goal for the week: DO NOT PURGE.
        There are neat features like pairing up with others in recovery, coping tactics, getting your treatment team involved in your log and questionnaires. I am still figuring it out but so far I really like it a lot. Let me know how you get on with it.

      • Pen says:

        Thank you so very much. I’ll keep you posted! It’s unusual to find 21st century-type support tools for ED.

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  3. teenieyogini says:

    I use this. We call it “stalker app” as my team is linked in. And “iPhone-agotchi” like a tamagotchi, because I think it’s annoying. But it serves it’s purpose well.

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