Vegans and EDs

Vegans and EDs

An interesting concept for me as I am a vegan/vegetarian. I will never give up my belief that animals should not be killed for my consumption. I certainly do not believe that eating meat would help me to recover. I do agree that I have often used my veg lifestyle to excuse ED and have hid behind being a vegan when I am in fact just restricting.

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7 thoughts on “Vegans and EDs

  1. I am also a vegetarian. I tried being vegan, but I liked cheese too much. (True story.)
    However, I became a vegetarian in order to avoid eating food I didn’t want to eat, and often claimed to be vegan when it suited me. However, I still remain vegetarian. I doubt that will ever change. I can see what this person is saying, and I agree that for some people, it is a stumbling block to recovery. There have been times for me when I clung to it purely because I wanted to have the excuse.

    • I too love cheese too much which is why I am currently 85% vegan as I fail to sustain it all the time. I think I will always be veg and will try to recover without ever going back to meat eating. I think getting out of ballet would be better for my recovery than getting out of being vegan! I hope you are ok. I missed seeing you around!

  2. K says:

    I’ve been meaning to ask you – how is the fiber going? I just bought PGX capsules (which are huge), but they are a little more convenient to take than the PGX powder. I’m still also putting that Equate fiber powder in my coffee and smoothies. I’m going to start adding psyllium husks to my smoothies soon – just have to work up to it. I get so bloated and uncomfortable if I don’t take time to incorporate it. It sucks because if I go just a few days without fiber, I have to start all over again with small doses.

    I admire you for being vegan. I could probably do it (maybe not the cheese part), but I know I would get so fat feeling like I could eat all the bread and cookies and pastries I wanted 😦 Having a background in Nutrition, I know that so far there’s no protein that compares to animal protein and, it’s selfish, but I want to eat what’s going to make me feel the fullest and what’s going to help me lose weight 😦 Don’t get me wrong, I love animals… I grew up with dogs (and I still have one now) and I used to horseback ride, and I think most zoos and aquariums are cruel.

    Hope you’re well, love 🙂


  3. Melia says:


    Loving your posts recently! I tried being vegan/vegetarian for a long time, but have recently switched back to the dark side due to personal beliefs/values (which, in my opinion, are just as admirable as why I had been vegan initially); oddly enough, when I restrict my calories (usually to make up for my awful binges), I usually stick to nuts and fruits and veggies. I used to eat egg whites, but they usually cause my hormones to flare a bit (not sure why). I love meat and cheese, but as soon as I eat one bite I cannot resist eating more!

    I don’t talk about my eating issues very often, so being able to see that you’re blogging regularly really provides comfort to me as well as other people, I am sure… in regards to your last post, my relationships have SUFFERED TREMENDOUSLY due to my eating problems… I need a certain amount of time in advance to “prepare” for certain events. Hate it! It’s embarrassing.

    Oh, and to “K” – zoos are so cruel!!! Sometimes I feel bad for even having a pet cat! I feel awful I can’t just open up the door and say, “Be free!”… she’d probably get run over or starve. (the irony.) That being said… seems like although we suffer such a lack of compassion for ourselves, at least we are able to provide it for others, right?

    Sending you hugs,


    • M,

      Thanks for your great comments. I have often thought that I make up for my lack of compassion for myself by being overly compassionate to everyone else in my life and to my 2 cats!

      I think many ED sufferers go down the veg route at some point. For me it is linked to ED but also stands alone without ED. When I think of a recovered life, it is always as a vegetarian/vegan because I truly love to live animal free.

      Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone in the ED vs Relationship fight. I enjoy hearing about your experiences with it. Are you in a good place now? I have been trying to focus more on my faith (which I can never reconcile ED to) and use that as a means of recovery.

      Be happy! Love and hugs,

      • Melia says:


        You’re such a doll 🙂 I feel like I am on a tightrope of recovery, but not really being all the way there, like you. I read your blogs and I can’t help but smile because I am going through the same stupid back and forth crap; some nights I throw in the towel and allow myself to eat a pint of really good ice cream and some cheese (followed by laxatives!). I want to take care of my body, but some of the time I feel out of control. I just realized I might have some sort of food allergy, so I’m hoping if I can figure that out eating will be a bit easier, since lately certain foods make me feel awful and bloated to the point of looking pregnant. It also helps that I broke off a toxic relationship in which the guy had an eating disorder too; it was difficult trying to eat around someone who ate LESS than me.

        Right now the only thing that lessens the pain of struggling with food is writing it out; writing, even if its journalling, can be so therapeutic, don’t you agree???

        And you’re not a disgrace!!!!!!!! Your readers can sincerely see that you are trying your best, and that’s all you can do. And I am sure God sees that. Funny story: I bought some foods to enjoy last night (without guilt, although that never happens… even when I try to justify it with ‘but I’m on my period!’) and I stopped at my building’s vending machine to get a candy bar to add to my feast – after I pressed the button, the candy bar was about to drop down… but stopped! It was stuck!!! I tried to shake the damned machine, but it was undoubtedly stuck. I was like, “Thanks God, for suggesting that the addition of a candy bar would be overdoing it TOO much”.




      • M,

        Your story made my night. I chuckled but also felt sad for you in that moment that the chocolate bar got caught in the vending machine. Sometimes I hope God is helping us rather than laughing at us in these ridiculous scenarios.

        I am so glad to hear that you are out of a toxic relationship and I pray that someday you find someone who truly deserves you and treats you well. I think sometimes ED makes it really hard for us to have healthy relationships. I started dating someone 2.5 months ago and have been motivated to sort myself out on the off chance that this could be the real deal. It is so scary.

        I hope you find out about your food allergy. Let me know when you do.

        In the meantime, thanks for being in touch and making me smile at the end of a rough day.
        You are fabulous!

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