Fat Anorexics

Fat Anorexics

My friend Livvy at lyricsonthelake did a post on the classification of anorexia not so long ago. Many people are anorexic (myself included at times), but will never be diagnosed because of the weight criteria as set out in DSM-IV. Will the criteria every change?

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One thought on “Fat Anorexics

  1. This is so me. My doctor saw how much weight I lost but was also happy it has kinda stabilized. Of course I wanna be smaller but when she mentioned my weight hasn’t gone down much I said “I squat over 100 lbs, I dead lift, I clean and jerk and leg press 280. Unless I completely stop working out it isn’t gonna go down much more.”. That doesn’t mean that my purging is just gonna *poof* bc I’m not “underweight” 😕

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