Vegan Snacks


These are my current favourite, vegan snacks. If you haven’t tried them yet, check out your health food store. This combo is raw, vegan, sprouted, gluten free, high in protein and rich in omegas. Bam!

So, back on my health kick, I made tomato soup with buck wheat groats for
dinner I infused it with saffron, turmeric and a splash of Moscato.

For dessert I’m having coconut yogurt with chia seeds and hemp hearts. For my spa treatment after dessert I made a face scrub with olive oil, honey and brown sugar and will put coconut oil in my hair. I went to hot yoga as well, so all in all, a healthy day!

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9 thoughts on “Vegan Snacks

  1. xonthis says:

    What is the middle one?

  2. Xanthic says:

    Oh, these all look so delicious! If only England were as up to date with vegan food as the US! (And if only I could be trusted to have vegan noms around without binging on them …)

    May I ask – are you vegan for ED reasons only, or ideological ones? I feel like I’m the only eating disordered vegan I know who was vegan BEFORE ED for non-weight-related reasons. :/

  3. Looks yummy–and I’m glad that you had an all around healthy day! Hot yoga and good eats for the win πŸ™‚

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