Ummm……my ED begs to differ.

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5 thoughts on “Cupcakes

  1. This was in my reader feed and I saw the picture before anything else and my first thought was, “Uhh, yes you can…”

    • Hahaha, I have a feeling we think alike a lot! I saw it on pinterest (which I should stop looking at because the fitspo and food are triggering). It is the stupidest thing I saw all day.

      • Yeah, pinterest can get me in a lot of trouble. Also, there are so many of these stupid pictures with words that have sayings that sound nice to some people but are so ridiculous.

      • My personal favourite quote on the fitspo page on pinterest: “unless you puke, faint or die….keep going.” What if you puke so much that you faint and then one day die because ED kept you going?

        I also love Vega’s slogan (I drink their protein powder): “For those who believe sick, obsessed and crazy are terms of endearment.” Well, I am undoubtedly sick, freakishly obsessed and out of control crazy when it comes to my diet and exercise regime. It is really not endearing at all.

      • Yeah… I just really don’t understand some people.

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