I am hiding from real life in my river cafe again. I was about to cry at work because things are so bad there so I packed up my laptop and ran. I know that the stress of the last few months has just compounded so much that I cannot cope anymore because when the zipper on my boot broke, I cried like it was the most devastating thing in the world. I am at my limit for bad things happening. I just need a break.

I have been trying to stay out of the negative atmosphere and get to yoga every day but no matter how hard I try, something comes up every day to prevent it. It is as if the universe is conspiring to tell me something but I am not sure what.

I went to the health food store before coming to sit here and escape into my cup of green tea. I was thinking how terrible I looked today (see my last post re: bad skin, hair loss, weight gain and chronic exhuastion), when a little girl in the store whispered to her mom, “look mummy, isn’t she beautiful?”

I think the mom saw the tears in my eyes as I walked away.

On that note, happy Thursday, everyone! I hope that wherever you are you are happy and healthy. Be kind to yourselves and others.

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3 thoughts on “Interludes

  1. I’ve never seen you, but in my mind you are beautiful. But even more than that, you are a beautiful person, and that’s a rarity these days.

  2. Oh sweetie I wish I could give you a hug. For now, sending you all the positivity I can spare. xoxo, g.

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