Set Point Theory

As my friend at Extended Recovery reminded me this week, there is a little thing called Set Point Theory. Set Point Theory is an interesting topic of debate and one that I have resisted believing in all my life. Based on my complete inability to lose anymore weight despite four months of my epic relapse into ED, I find that I am curious about it just in case it explains this insanity. I need answers!
Here are a few articles on the issue where it is explained better than I can do it:

The last one more accurately portrays what I believe when it comes to this topic. I do, however, believe that genetically we are pre-disposed to a certain height, weight and shape but that other factors such as lifestyle and diet can contribute to changing our size. I will always be 5’9″ and no matter how skinny, thin, ripped or muscley I get, my frame will remain (sadly), unballerina like!

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8 thoughts on “Set Point Theory

  1. Where did you find this picture of me???
    At least you posted one where I look happy.

  2. I don’t want to say anything to trigger you, or to scare you. But there was a time in my life I was barely eating, constantly exercisng, behaving no differently than I did as tmy lowest weight…and it just kept creeping on and creeping on.

    My weights pretty stable now…but I honestly have no idea what a healthy and realistic size for me is now.

    I’m looking into methods of restoring metabolism.

  3. Everything in me aches for you, love. If you read some of my blog posts, you’ll know that I’ve had experience in eating disorders as well, and you’ll know that I’ve been in recovery for a year and a half. I’ve relapsed in the past, yes. But I know what it’s like to really live, to acknowledge, accept, and move past my flaws.
    I pray for you, because I know you can get back to recovery and really see the true passion for life that is in you somewhere. Jesus won’t let you suffer forever, remember that. And if you ask him to help you, he’s gonna reach out his hand, grab you, and he will not let you go.

    ❤ find that strength in you. It may be only a whisper now, but as you feed it (pun only partially intended), it will get louder.

  4. I am in total agreement with the Weighty Matters post on set point theory. Your body can adjust to any weight but it will try to hold onto calories and conserve energy the less you eat. I guess the question is- are you trying to lose weight from an overweight level or are you already underweight but trying to take it further. x

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