Tomorrow Is Another Day

Funny Weekend Ecard: Tonight, we eat like kings, for tomorrow we abuse laxatives!
I took a handful of laxatives, binged, took another handful of laxatives, binged some more and threw another handful of laxatives down the hatch for good measure. Friday was a complete write off.
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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow Is Another Day

  1. healthywoman80 says:

    Laxatives were my “thing” back in the day – I totally get it. I would be so sick for so long just to see the weight drop on the scale. (or not). Not gonna dole out any annoying advice, I just hope your ED lets up on you soon. It gets better.

  2. The really sad part is that I really miss the laxative abuse sometimes. Why? I have no idea, there’s really nothing I can think of to miss. But that doesn’t seem to stop me.

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