The Co$t of ED

Yes, I am talking dollars and sense cents. I spent some time calculating how much money I spend on feeding (see what I did there?) ED. It is alarming.
Here is a snapshot of 48 hours in my life in where I spent a ridiculous amount of money on binges (all purged afterwards, of course):
$50 at a health food store:
potato salad
3 boxes of granola
rice crackers
power bar
yoghurt covered raisins
chocolate covered ginger
$20 at drug store:
2 bags of cheese puffs
1 huge slab of mozzarella
Lindt chocolate
$14 at Indian Lunch Buffet:
All you can Indian veggie food and naan….
4 plates later……
2 rice puddings….
$23 at cafe
Egg white omelette with veggies and cheese
matcha latte with skim milk
sunshine bar
$40 at health food store:
2 pieces of veggies pizza
2 containers of pasta salad
2 pieces of vegan carrot cake
2 bags of rice crackers
$55 at grocery store:
more granola
cheese buns
veggie chips
2 x hummus
iceberg lettuce
egg whites
Because of my deteriorating financial situation (I bought my first condo 2 months ago), I have decided to start counting something other than calories: cents. From now on, I carry a small amount of cash on me, no credit card and am hoping that watching my wallet might also help decrease my binge purge episodes. I want to fly home for Christmas and I am determined not to squander all my money on ED. It is a pity that when I get into that cycle, I feel like I am on drugs and it is almost like being high while I shop. There is no logic, reason or rational at work to stop me. There is a lot of remorse afterwards as I heave up all my regret and check my bank balance.
Can any of you tell me what ED has cost you financially? Food, therapy, medical bills, gym memberships etc…..
I know that it costs us all so much more than money but that is a post for another day.
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5 thoughts on “The Co$t of ED

  1. I love your charge to us to total the cost of our ED… very interesting! I wish you all the best in your attempt to control spending; your tactics are genius!! I tend to be pretty lackadaisical with money and work really hard to curb my spend-it-all-before-it-gets-away tendencies. This is a great reminder post that we’re not alone 🙂 xoxo, g.

  2. ginajeri says:

    It’s so true! There are actual financial costs to ED as well. And my lackluster finances are a big trigger for my ED. Great post.

  3. Right now it’s costing me at work as I have to reduce my contract hours to rest and recover. Anorexia could be seen as a money saver as you don’t spend any money on food or alcohol. However the longer term costs of therapy, time off work and buying nice things to compensate for how shit you feel, oh yes and perhaps cigarettes, makes it a poor long term investment.

  4. This.
    I bulimiad my way out of two apartments by spending rent money on binge food. In fact, I started stealing food because I couldn’t afford my bulimia. It’s really sad.

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