The police came around to my house tonight after a guy that I saw on and off for 6 weeks decided to start stalking me. At first, I went on a few dates with him but realized there was no future as he just isn’t my type (he is also 20 years older than me and has 5 kids), but I naively thought that we could be friends and enjoy each others’ company. I even said this several times to him and he agreed even though he said he was in love with me and wanted to be with me.

Now, some background: we have known each other vaguely for 3 years so it wasn’t so strange when he asked me out. We never had sex although he pushed for physical intimacy and was constantly trying to touch/kiss me. I told him from very early on that I did not want a relationship and was as blunt as I could be. He told me after about three weeks that I was the love of his life and all this other ridiculous crap (“you’re like the sun coming out from behind the clouds” was my favourite). I think I might be a tad stupid because I am kind for idiots for far too long as evidenced by my last relationship.

Cut to this evening. I leave yoga class and he is in the parking lot standing by my car. I have no idea how he knew I was there, if he followed me or just showed up on the off chance. He confronted me angrily and was clearly agitated and aggressive. I have not responded to his numerous, harrassing messages, phone calls, voice mails or emails in over a week because he started to creep me out so I told him to take a hike. He did not take no for an answer.

As soon as I saw him, I asked him to leave which lead to shouting and him trying to get into my car with me. Anyway, it went on for an excruciatingly long time and the details are unnecessary but I got into my car shaking and crying and phoned the police. They came to my house and now I have filed a report and am getting a restraining order.

What the f**k is up with men these days? I just left a 32 year old who couldn’t commit to me and found a 52 year old who basically proposed to me after three weeks. I would laugh if I wasn’t lying on the floor crying hysterically.

The police could see that I was clearly distressed and tried to reassure me. After they left I ate a tub of Greek yoghurt and threw it up. Maybe my stalker just became my new excuse for ED.

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5 thoughts on “Stalkers.

  1. Holly J says:

    You were smart to call the police. This guy sounds dangerous and if he doesn’t get that what he did was inappropriate at age 52, there’s a serious problem. I would recommend changing your phone number and letting your fam and friends know where you are. This way, if you don’t show up or something, they will know you are in trouble and need help.

  2. oh my GOD that is so freaking scary. Get a restraining order!!!

  3. The Real Cie says:

    Some fuckwipes just don’t get it. This guy sounds really out of balance. When my son was four years old and I had just gotten divorced, I was (foolishly) chatting online with random people, not flirting, just chatting. I had AOL, back in the day. This one guy started chatting with me and pretty quickly creeped me out, talking about what a bitch his ex girlfriend was and how she’d called the police on him. I ended the conversation.
    Somehow he got hold of my UNLISTED phone number and called me. When I didn’t call him back he left a message saying “why aren’t you calling me back, you bitch?” He never even met me in person. Fortunately after a week the calls stopped, but it really scared me. From there on out I never used my real name online, and I quit with the chatting. I never really enjoyed it anyway.

  4. […] Recently I started chatting to a man, let’s call him JW (because those are his initials). We met online and had coffee once for an hour as our first ‘date’. It was alright but not universe altering. Since then we have talked on the phone a few times as he lives and works out of town and he mentioned “getting together” this weekend. I have tried a handful of dates since my terrible break up 6 months ago and they were all epic failures especially the one that resulted in a restraining order ( […]

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