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8 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Were you trying to post an image?

  2. Things like this that float around on the internet make me sad and make me sick.

  3. And maybe a little, just a little, sucked into it? That is the worst part. I plan to have kids soon. But it makes me sad to think that my daughter will be exposed to this shit. It’s even worse for kids these days with the access they have to the internet. We were bad enough in my day and all we had was each other to compare to. What’s a parent to do?

  4. hungryrunninggirl says:

    Things like that make me incredibly angry!!!! It’s just awful!!!!!

  5. Actually, I think this is great motivation. If you want a thigh gap, then go for it. What’s wrong with that? xoxo, g.

  6. This makes me sick… and very angry. Personally, I think “thigh gaps” are gross. I do not want one, and I do not think that it’s healthy to encourage people to strive toward being skinny enough to have one.
    Also, “What’s wrong with that?” Seriously? hmmm, how about eating disorders kill so maybe we shouldn’t be encouraging people to develop one or stick with one? Personally I think encouraging people to be healthy and ALIVE is a much better thing than encouraging people to make their thighs smaller…
    And once you do have that gap, it still won’t be enough. It will not make you happy. Your eating disorder can never truly make you happy.

  7. […] was reading other people blogs again earlier when I came across this one. It was a very short blog post, just titled “Seriously?”  (The author of the blog is […]

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