Where the f**k are my yam fries?

I have been sick for three weeks. To cut a long story short I had a cold which turned into laryngitis which turned into a throat and ear infection. Today I woke up with a bladder infection too. I have no idea how run down my body is that it was unable to recover from a simple cold. Granted, I kept purging through the first week of sickness after a torrid relapse into ED. I am sure that didn’t help. I have however, enjoyed 2 weeks of living on soup and tea as my appetite disappeared completely – until last night. It returned with a vengeance and I wanted to eat everything I could see. I was so hungry that I ordered yam fries after dinner when we were at a bar for drinks. I could barely focus on my friends or the conversation around me as I kept looking expectantly for our waitress to return with my yam fries. At that point they were all I cared about. I hate the out of control feeling that comes along with being hungry all the time. I had enjoyed the respite when I was sick.

After this weekend I hope that the antibiotics will have kicked in and I will be back to ‘normal’. I am such a control freak that I miss my routine of working out everyday which I have been too sick to do for three weeks. If there is any chance of not relapsing into ED behaviour then I also need routine to eat healthy. It is a long weekend so I will give myself 3 days to get rest up and then I hope to be back on top form next week.

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