This article from the Times is food for thought (no pun intended). Lately I have been on an extreme health kick which may just turn out to be another form of ED. They are currently trying to get orthorexia classified as an eating disorder.



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2 thoughts on “Orthorexia

  1. I was totally like this. I agree – this can be a disorder in and of itself.

  2. ShadowLight says:

    I had a period of this… I “recovered” from anorexia and fell into what was basically this, though as it’s not recognised it was put down as EDNOS on my file. MY diet became VERY restrictive, almost as bad as when I was anorexic, and after time this resulted in binges, whih lead to purging, which in time morphed into bulimia :/

    I do sort of feel that the whole EDNOS thing needs sub-dividing a little, and that some of the behaviours that get placed in there should be disorders in of themselves

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