Thin vs fat

Thin vs fat

I saw this photo on a blog today and the long spiel that went along with it got me thinking….I would still rather look like a Victoria’s Secret model (Candice Swanepoel to be exact) than to look like one of the ‘real’ women pictured below. I don’t think that it is just my anorexic brain either. I imagine in a vote that most people would agree with me on this one. Thin is beautiful. Skinny is down right perfection.

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13 thoughts on “Thin vs fat

  1. Greta says:

    Yup! I would still wannabe the VS model’s type! Am I sad or what? Haha!

    Sorry to barge in, I’ve accidentally stumbled upon your blog yesterday. SO Like IT! I’m dealing with my ed as much as I can, though I still prefer thinness and that does not help the recovery at all.

  2. Having been recovered for almost three decades… I choose neither group. My healed body has landed in between. I am not skinny or plump. I consider myself to be slim. I weigh what I did once I recovered and balanced out to where my body wanted to be.

    It took me a while to get enough body fat to stay consistently on so that I could have a menstrual cycle and thus have our children.

    I really understand where people are when they prefer skinny…been there and lived it. It takes time to heal our perception…and the magazines don’t help!

    When I get really busy or there is stress (relative dies) then I slip into skinny again but in a normal way. My husband is always glad ( me too) when my gentle curves come back. Even one of the kids asked, during a high stress time, why my pants were baggy…

    Somehow I doubt Eve was skinny and I bet Adam liked what he saw!

    Lovin’ my healthy body & wishing the same for all women, ~ Wendy

  3. L says:

    In a perfect world, I, too would have to admit that I would like to be one of the VS models. But having dealt with anorexia and (currently) obesity, I know that such a body is completely unrealistic. Where I currently am, I would be happy to look like one of the Dove women. When I was a size 0, I still had extra skin under my belly button, my legs were too short, I had no boobs or butt, and no matter how much ab work or how many crunches I did (hundreds and hundreds), I could never achieve any definition. I think it’s important for our culture to realize and ACCEPT that for most women, even if they haven’t dealt with weight or eating disorder issues, that VS body is not realistic. Especially when you don’t have a professional trainer or the hours to work out daily like these women.

  4. fitvsfiction says:

    I also battled eating disorders for most of my life..from Anorexia, to Compulsive Overeating and everything in between. At one point, I was encouraged to train like a fitness model and actually got my body to where I had always wanted it to be. Truth be told, it was very depressing. I finally looked exactly the wanted to and was STILL unhappy.

    Without enough food, sleep and patience with myself..I was miserable. I’m glad I trained that way because now I can look at the covers of fitness magazines and know what it takes to look the way the covergirls do and I know that I would NEVER do that to myself again.

    I’ve found a way to appreciate my body for what it can DO instead of judge and criticize it for what it looks like.

    My motto: Self-Worth should not be measurd in pounds!

  5. devinaustin says:

    ‘Tis quite sad but true nevertheless. I think therein lies the issue. By magazine standards, those “real” women can’t compete. Leaves us all for wanting doesn’t it?

  6. Lauren says:

    I have to agree with you on this one. The only chick that looks “too” skinny on top is the third from the left, and I suspect there may have been some Photoshopping afoot, so who knows.

  7. Hi there, Thanks for coming over to my blog. You are very brave to be open about your thoughts and feelings towards your body issues, while I am ‘on the other side’ of being in a dark place with my ed that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t have similar thoughts to what you have written above in moments of silence. The best thing that we can do for ourselves and our children is to learn to love our bodies and appreciate exactly how much they do for us. If you haven’t read Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi it is a good read. Don’t use it for the ‘tips’ that she has written about on her weight loss journey (please!) but use it as an example of someone who is very beautiful and had to learn to appreciate that, for the first time in her life.
    And I’m sure you are beautiful too πŸ™‚

  8. Sister says:

    The Dove models aren’t fat

  9. momsgotproblems says:

    Hi. I totally agree with you; I choose the VS supermodels–in a heartbeat! I too have “swung” and while still dealing with my bulimia, my behavior du jour is bingeing–the one I dispise the most! I have clothes in my basement, size 2 and beyond, which are at this point fond, fleeting memories. Thanks for capturing my sentiments!

  10. Rin says:

    I’m a size zero/5’2″, and have been my whole life. I eat everything I can, don’t work out, nothing. I’m beautiful in the face and mind which I guess offends many. My metabolism is fast, but I would fit under the VS picture. I’m still “real” and “beautiful” as the next woman. I don’t discriminate (I know, hard to believe since I’m so thin). People would tell me how disgusting I look, (eat a steak, are you anorexic? you’re hideous, you’re a stick) and then I realize they’re just hateful people. If you hate yourself, then how on Earth are you supposed to show selfless love towards others and strangers? I would rather not stoop to their level and I would rather live my life in love. Stop worrying about the size of each other and just worry about yourself. Love yourself rather than hate. My boyfriend loves me for me and tells me I’m the most beautiful girl in the world through his eyes. Not because of how I look, but because of my personality and soul.

  11. Kailyn says:

    I think the difference is working out…the Victoria secret models obviously work out, they’re slim and have defined abs. The Dove girls just look like they don’t exercise. I’m not saying they’re fat; I can see at least five of those Dove girls that would look just as good as the models if they just worked out their tummies…seriously, diet and exercise five times a week and every woman could be smoking hot.

    p.s. I’m not a sexist man, I’m an eighteen year old girl that just started working out myself so…don’t shoot me any hate mail

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