What’s For Dinner?

Even as I start my new blog about ED, I am ravenously thinking about what I can eat for dinner. For a while now I have been eating ‘normally’ which means I have not been actively starving or puking. Thanks to my ‘normal’ eating I am doing a lovely impression of a hippo in a tutu and every photo I see of myself makes me want to indulge in a vicious bout of the rex (that’s my pet name for anorexia).

My latest kick is eating clean. I have eliminated processed foods almost entirely and whenever possible have been limiting my consumption of dairy, wheat/gluten and sugar. My current diet is fruit and vegetables (a lot of salads!), quinoa, homemade humus (so I can control the fat, sodium and preservative content), power balls and almond milk. I eat tofu but try to limit the amount of soy I have because I suffer from hypothyroidism and yes, I like to double up on thyroid meds if I think it will make me thinner (no rational or logic required).

My typical day looks like this:

Breakfast: Fruit and one power ball – get the recipe for power balls here http://thearcticafrican.wordpress.com/2012/07/23/power-balls/
Snack: veggies and humus

Lunch: assorted salads with quinoa

Snack: Fruit and sometimes a matcha latte with 3/4 water and a bit of almond milk

Dinner: more salad?

Of course I deviate from this from time to time. On the weekend I ate a sandwich….with cheese on it. Sometimes I have a bite of my boyfriend’s dessert. Every now and then I cook pasta (my favourite thing to binge on) and sometimes I have to go out to dinner with people who cannot fathom why I eat lettuce leaves with dressing on the side so I make a concession there and add some tomatoes!

I am a self-declared lover of cheese but I also love animals and hate what cheese does to my waist line. If I do indulge then I put some goat cheese or feta in my salad. If I over indulge I eat cheese with crackers and wine. Lately I have been trying to avoid wine because of the high calorie content. So far in the last week I have had 3 glasses. Not as good as I would have liked.

So dinner tonight turns into Portobello mushrooms and pickled beets.

No Dairy. Check.

No Wheat. Check.

No Sugar…..oh dear….

And that, my ED friends is my idea of dinner on a Tuesday night. To me it is better than my alternatives – eating air or eating everything I see and puking it straight back up. Now, I have to go and do some exercise as I launched “operation fat ass” today.
Look out for that in my next post.

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