Operation “Fat Ass”

Today begins operation “fat ass”. My colleague at work tells me that my arse is flat he calls me “flat ass” as a joke (keep in mind that I teach at a professional ballet school). I tried for so long to just dump as much weight as I could that I never really paid much attention to my butt. I have always been far more concerned with my gargantuan thighs to notice that although my rear end got thinner it also got flat and flabby. Lately I have been haunted by the rippling cellulite that covers my thighs and bum and last night I had a good honest look in the mirror to decide what to do about it.
Yes, it needs to be smaller but if it is not going to be smaller, then it should at least be tight and toned and not so saggy looking. So in the manner of all things that I do (obsessively) I am starting operation “fat ass” with gusto to see what will happen with some concentrated effort being applied to that one area for the next little while. Here is my latest inspiration from the Pinterest pages of health and fitness:
Hope you enjoy these as much as I am about too!
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One thought on “Operation “Fat Ass”

  1. Bara says:

    Hi Love,

    I was wondering how you are doing with the above excersises?
    I’m starting soon too!

    X B

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